Handmade Retro style drafting table. Drawing tables made to order.

Working from home?

Do it in style. 

Handmade metal-framed drawing boards made to commission, draughting table 1350 X 800 mm Standing 1100mm high.

One of the most innovative pieces in my collection,  inspired by a retro, Victorian design. The 5 mm thick steel frame is fabricated in house to give it a cast, aged look, it is a timeless piece, suitable as an in-home or office desk as a useful statement piece.

The tilt is adjustable to your working preference tightened with a retro handwheel detail.

Ideal as a standing desk.

Dimensions: 1350 X 800 mm board size. The aged wooden top Stands 1100 mm high, to the tilting pivot point

Won’t fit? No problem, we can make this to your specific size.

Handmade Retro looking Draughting table

Handmade Retro looking Draughting table.





Retro desk or drafting table

Retro desk drafting table with cast makers plate.