Vanessa’s balustrading – Hertfordshire

My Customer wanted a twisted and slightly gnarled looking balustrading for her three storey house. I produced sketches and then a sample panel that was approved for production. The balustrading was made floor by floor each joining at the upright posts creating a smooth handrail flow.

The final section (a complex helical twist, at the bottom of the staircase) was the most difficult but after a trial fitting, some minor adjustments were made and and the installation was almost complete.

Glass crystal balls were used to finish the upright posts, giving the balustrading a magical feel.

Three floors of twisted balustrading flowing down like a ribbon of steel.

The twisted helical balustrading was the most difficult bit to do. A spiral that rises in different pitches to create a smooth arc. It’s difficult enough to try and descrbe let alone make.

I hope you agree it was worth the effort.