6 foot x 7 foot crystal ball bed6 foot x 7 foot crystal ball bed

Crystal Ball Bed


This stunning bed is a wonderful mix of steel and crystal ball features. Detailed at each end are decorated glass balls in unusual steel clasps. The scrolls of steel are would on hot to the circular tube. Creating a strong bond as it cools and tightens.
Handmade to your specifications.


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This timeless classic has been very popular ever since its launch at the renowned design shop Purves and Purves Tottenham court rd. London, and the 1996 show 100% Design. The classic bed has stood the test of time 25 years later the beds are still going strong, with families growing up around them.

The colored glass marble details with decorative steel swirls are held in clasps of steel, which in turn is held in a strong steel frame that supports a wooden slatted base.

Finish Options:

All of our beds are available in three metal finishes:

  • NIGHT SKY BLACK – Durable black finish with a slight texture and subtle sparkle.
  • BUTTERCREAM – Traditional hard-wearing gloss cream enamel finish.
  • RAW GROUND FINISH – Natural hand-ground bright metal with clear lacquer coating. This stunning finish takes many hours to achieve.

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