Butterfly Lighting under construction. stainless steel lighting.

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Stainless steel butterflies for a lighting project , reminds me of Damian Hirst butterfly Paintings.

Whilst the butterfly is one of Hirst’s most enduring “universal triggers”, in the ‘Kaleidoscope’ paintings he differs from his use of it in earlier works. Previously, the inclusion of live butterflies, as in the installation ‘In and Out of Love’ (1991), or whole dead ones in the butterfly monochromepaintings, was partially an exploration of “the way the real butterfly can destroy the ideal (birthday-card) kind of love; the symbol exists apart from the real thing.”[2] Recalling someone once saying to him: “Butterflies are beautiful, but it’s a shame they have disgusting hairy bodies in the middle,” Hirst chose to use only the iridescent wings in the ‘Kaleidoscope’ paintings, divorcing the butterflies from “the real thing”.[3] Titles such as ‘The Most Beautiful Thing in The World’ (2003) reflect the idealised beauty they encapsulate.

But my work is nothing to do with that . its just the customer wanted butterflies on a steel globe which is what I have created for them . All made in house by me

However after looking at the 200 + butterflies getting heat coloured in batches a circular array of butterflies looks inspiring for another artwork.

More images to follow as this inspirational lighting design work develops.


        2016-08-02 13.12.14


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Glass marble finials, handrailing , display, dress rails and curtains.

Glass marble finials, handrailing , display, dress rails and curtains.

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Glass marble finial

Glass marble finial available in different coloured glass. I am using these on a project for handrailing , although they could be used for shop display , clothing,  curtain rail ends, Lord of the rings cosplay?

These UK made and designed, steel and  glass marble finials, fit a standard 42mm OD ‘mop stick’ handrailing.

This is an affordable handrailing or display option, However if you stain the  wood handrail and  lacquer it, this together with these handmade finials, transform this standard item into a powerful visual statement.

£45 a pair. Inc UK delivery.

Industrial lighting with a steampunk twist.

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2015-09-07 15.31.50       2015-09-07 15.31.19     2015-09-07 15.12.04     2015-09-07 15.11.13

I have been busy with a collection of cogs gears clacker valves , gangle sockets and various widgets from my favorite supplier….. The local scrap yard.

Add that , together with some carefully considered and designed,  laser cut parts and fully conforming electrical wiring , and you may end up with a highly unusual table lamp. as featured in the images above.

I hand make all the lighting and I am happy to work to commission . Just email or call.  I am happy to help if I can.