Industrial lighting with a steampunk twist.

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I have been busy with a collection of cogs gears clacker valves , gangle sockets and various widgets from my favorite supplier….. The local scrap yard.

Add that , together with some carefully considered and designed,  laser cut parts and fully conforming electrical wiring , and you may end up with a highly unusual table lamp. as featured in the images above.

I hand make all the lighting and I am happy to work to commission . Just email or call.  I am happy to help if I can.

Industrial steel console table

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Commission work for a local discerning local customer , made to fit a hallway in a town house, with an industrial heritage theme.

Industrial style console table.

Industrial style console table.


Console table

The console table, at my workshop looking like an angel , spreading love and calm around a troubled bench and welder.


Industrial style console table, under construction

Industrial style console table, under construction, without the lettering.

Industrial style console table, made for a discerning customer

Industrial style console table, Cogs and scrapyard found objects , reclaimed and reinvented.

Industrial steel stool, in blue.

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blue stool    Blue stool2

Beaten black and blue handmade industrial steel stool, in blue

Beaten black and blue handmade industrial steel stool, in blue

I lost my industrial bottle with the black finish , and went for a slightly more friendly blue.

The original steel stool had a chemi black finish , which is a finish that is used for industrial finishing bolts , fittings and fixtures. Hardcore industrial , still available as an option .

Handmade metal bed images

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This shot was taken at the Old Chapel In Coalbrookdale, when I had my workshop there, This image is a detailed shot from the fantastically talented

Thank you, Colin.



2015-06-11 15.32.01

My phone shot, by contrast, lacking in-depth, focus, vision and a total disregard for health and safety, as I was taking this shot with my ringing phone whilst holding a lit oxy propane torch with an attached ‘pepper pot’ nozzle in the other hand.

This flame image shows the hot clasps of steel being bent around the scrolls on my handmade metal beds. It also shows the steel washers that are cut to size to hold the glass marbles.




Glass marble bed detail.

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I have a sort of image tutorial on my face book page ( facebook search,  , and like ,  or   on how to make the hot clasps of steel that bind the scrolls together , together with the use of simple steel washers to hold the decorative glass marbles, in this glass marble bed.

Its to prove I hand make the beds in the UK , and to pass on a little knowledge and interest to those who would like to know.

This shot was taken at the Old Chapel In Coalbrookdale , when I had my workshop there , This image is detail shot from the fantastically talented

Thank you Colin.